Sunday, May 13, 2018

Day 13 - Socorro to Albuquerque

Off early after a hotel breakfast, heading east on US-380.  When we reached the Tularosa Basin, we could see Carrizozo - and a lava field.  So naturally, we pulled over to take some shots of the lava:

Then it was on to Carrizozo - you'll remember all the shots of the painted burros around town and on the rooftops.  Well, you also know we can't resist those critters:

A close up of one rooftop burro

Next was a side trip to the old mining town of White Oaks.  It's supposed to be sort of an art town, but not much open today:

We turned off on NM-55, went through the almost-ghost town of Claunch, on to the southernmost of the Salinas Missions Nat'l Monument, Gran Quivira.  This was a Tompiro-speaking pueblo; the remaining residents headed south with the Spanish after the revolt of 1680 and their descendants live near El Paso.  It also is built of darker stone than the other two:
 The church as seen over the remains of a housing block.
Housing block ruins

Headed on to Mountainair, home of the monument headquarters and of a really good green chile cheeseburger at Jerry's Ancient Cities Cafe.  It's also home of an interesting mural - notice anything odd?

We continued north to another of the pueblo ruins, Quarai.  This one was built with red stone; the people were Tiwa-speakers so any descendants likely live in current Tiwa pueblos.  The church is the most intact of the three.

All of these pueblos include this little 'stay-on-the-trails' memo:

We continued on scenic roads to Tijeras, then on Old US-66 to Old Town Albuquerque. Visited the Albuquerque Museum (art & history), said "hello" to our favorite pictures and to some new ones, and a special exhibit of high-schooler photographs - some of those kids are immensely talented photographers, others know digital editing.

Checked in at the HIE Old Town, drove cross town to the Frontier for supper, and now thinking about tomorrow - mostly Old Town.  We're now over 3000 miles on the trip.

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