Thursday, May 17, 2018

Day 17 - Santa Fe to Red River

And mostly Taos.   We were rolling by 7 for Taos, mainly to have a second breakfast at Michael's.  After the breakfast, we drove to the Plaza area to shop and take pictures - and to shop some more (Bill ended up with two books at op. cit. bookstore).  Here's what the Taos roofline looks like a bit after 9 AM:

We then drove over the Gorge Bridge and stopped for pictures;

We followed the West Rim Road, and then down into the gorge - Sandra wanted to stop for rock picking; Bill said not until we find someplace somewhat level.
We crossed the low level bridge, and stopped to watch some fisherman out in the Rio Grande:

We then headed back to Taos for lunch at El Taoseno - Bill recommends the green chile stew, best so far this trip.  Then we headed north to Red River, where we're staying at the River's Edge Best Western, did the laundry, ate at a fancy place w/in walking distance, and enjoyed the view from the motel:
 Looking downstream from the hotel shore
Lift tower for the ski area, just across the creek

A change of plans for the rest of the trip.  Tomorrow we'll visit the Vietnam Memorial State Park and Raton as planned, but we'll also see Bent's Old Fort and spend the night in Lamar.  Saturday it'll be Great Bend rather than Scott City, and we'll be home on Sunday afternoon!  3349 so far for the trip.

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