Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Day 9, Del Rio to Van Horn

Hottest day yet - mid to upper 90s by the time we hit Van Horn.   Bought gas at Wal-Mart for $2.47 before leaving Del Rio, and headed out across the hills & canyons of western Texas.  Pulled off the road at a high point near the Pecos canyon, where the story of  the Southern Pacific's final connection to complete the second transcontinental train route talks about a silver spike.

We were now west of the Pecos, and you know what the law here once was?  Hint - its home was in Langtry, now home of a nice Welcome Stop.
 This looks like a saloon
Yep, that's what it was,  and it doesn't look like many boards had to be replaced - stuff doesn't rot as quickly out here where it's dry.  Judge Roy also built an "Opera House," where the "house" was more authentic than the "opera."  No musical performances, but he did live here - swallows are building houses inside.

A lot more driving through places like Sanderson, Marathon and Alpine, and we arrived in Marfa, with its ornate courthouse - not to mention Mando's for lunch.

We stopped at the local museum (after stopping at the museum's thrift store - 3 books, a Telemann CD, and some sheet music).  It's rather eclectic, covering everything that's happened in the area. Plus, it has an age test on the front porch:
Marfa has two other attractions, not counting the Paisano Hotel (HQ for the cast of Giant). One is an artist's foundation featuring what Bill calls giant box culverts - you'll have to look at our 2016 trip for a picture.  The other is what's likely the country's most unusual lodging facilities, El Cosmico.  Take your choice from among  old trailers, tepees, wall tents, yurts or even hammocks.

Back on the road to Van Horn, check in at a very new HIE, dinner at Chuy's (lots of sports memorabilia), and price shock at the pump - $3/gal.  We'll get 2 gal tomorrow to make sure we don't run low before reaching Carlsbad.

310 miles on the day, 2077 on the trip - tomorrow is the scenic route to Las Cruces.

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