Saturday, May 19, 2018

Day 19 - Lamar to Great Bend

A nice, easy driving day.  Not much traffic on the roads we picked (CO-196, US-385, CO/KS-96), so drove 5 mph below the speed limit and got close to 40 mpg on the day.  Left at 0820 MDT, arrived 1445 CDT, 235 miles.  Had a break at Tribune, KS (why are towns called 'Horace' and 'Tribune' so close together?  hmm) and talked about the weather.  They've been very droughty and welcomed the rain. Lunch at a little cafe in Scott City, supper at Perkins in Great Bend.  Oh, no pictures today - sorry!

Tomorrow we're off for home - a bit under 300 miles. If we start by 0730, we should be home a bit after 1500. 

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