Saturday, May 5, 2018

Day 5 - Around Lake Charles

A rather full day -  We ate a great Southern breakfast at the Pitt Grill - meat, eggs, grits, biscuits or pancakes, more.  Then it was a quick trip out to Moss Bluff area, to again be shocked at the development out there.  It used to be a quiet, rural area, now it's wall-to-wall houses, many of them high-$.

The one pre-planned event was a lunch with some of Bill's HS classmates at noon.  A bit over a dozen, including spouses, were there and we talked - and talked - and ate Cajun food - and talked some more.  We left about 3 PM, just in time for...

More Pirate Festival - we started at the Lake Charles lakefront (which didn't exist when Bill lived here)

Soon, the pirate yachts started passing by.  

They were safe because yesterday's cannons were unmanned:

Not all the pirates were unarmed:

Throw me some beads!

And here's to a successful raid on the pirate treasure (or good scavenging)

Tomorrow we're off to San Antonio!  Stay tuned!

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