Thursday, July 11, 2019

Day 2 follow-up

We got to Knapp WI about 1145 hours, to visit old friends Margaret & Willie Miller.  How old?  They stood up for us at our wedding in '77 and hosted the reception.  The reception was a hoot because some of Sandra's country Baptist connections had no idea the punch had punch.  Willie worked with me on training the crews for Olympic Arena missile competition. Margaret was an Intelligence Officer at Whiteman and met Sandra at Dr. Jones' evening creative writing class.  She's now a published author with quite a few books to her credit.

They have a neat 40 acre farmstead, perfect for their two remaining horses.  Here are a few pictures (I hope):

View of barn & paddock 

 Margaret leading the horse out for petting

 Willie 'treating' one of the horses

Sandra & Margaret walking a meadow trail, high above the barn area.

Tidbits:  The Mississippi is out at Wabasha, MN
We noted a change in farm architecture as well as types of trees. Started seeing enclosed porches east of Rochester.
At Spring Valley MN, we passed the Popcorn Wagon Recreation Area.
Wabasha County MN has a rail-to-trail along MN-42.
In Wisconsin we started seeing an unusual farm field pattern - alternating strips of corn & alfalfa.
Sign seen on WI-25: "EAT MY FISH"

217 miles on the day, via US-63, I-90, MN-42, US-61, MN-60, WI-25 and US-12.  583.8 on the trip

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