Thursday, July 11, 2019

Day 3, Knapp to Calumet

After breakfast with Willie & Margaret at the Denny's in Menominee, we started for Michigan's Copper Country, but not without drama - Waggin Tails called that Topsy was acting sick. I OK'd taking her to the vet. Soon the vet called & said her temperature was high, so I OK'd blood work. As we were checking in at the motel, they called back; they'll put here on antibiotics and hold her to watch for a while.

We hit the road at 9:21 AM, via I-94 and WI-29 toward Wausau, where we picked up US-51 northbound to US-8.  We followed US-8 to Rhinelander, which we remembered as a small tourist town - now it's a big one.  The same applied to Eagle River, where we stopped for a quick McDs while moving from WI-17 to US-45.  US-45 took us to MI-26. At Houghton, it was US-41 through Calumet to the Trailside Motel.  Dinner was our first pasty at The Hut Inn.  We'll be comparing it when we eat at couple of other places over the next few days (no, we're not eating those stick on things; try Googling Cornish pasty).

Tomorrow we have  breakfast at Lindell's Chocolate Shoppe in Lake Linden, then visit the Houghton County Historical Society for some research.  After that, we'll like take our drive around Bootjack, visit Jacobsville and Rabbit Bay, and have a bite at the Dreamland Hotel.  Then it's back to Laurium for another pasty.  I promise we'll have pictures tomorrow!

At the Abbotsford exit, we saw a caboose riding a flatbed trailer.
What would a restaurant along the Rib River serve?  BBQ.
US-51 is the Korean War Veterans Highway.
We saw lots of logging trucks, fortunately none holding us up.
The Misery River is north of Twin Lakes, MI. It runs into Misery Bay - gotta be a story there.
Near Quincy Mines, a sign advertises "Deer Skull Boiling."

328.4 miles on the day, 912.2 for the trip

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