Saturday, July 6, 2019

Plans Al Set

We leave Tuesday morning for our first night stop at Waterloo, IA.  As we drive through county seats along the way, we'll try to take pictures of their courthouses and post them each evening.  The second day takes us to Pratt, WI, to visit some old friends - the couple who stood up for us at our wedding in '77.  Then it's on to the U.P., where Bill will do some family research, along with reminiscing and photographing some very scenic views.

After 3 full days in the Copper Country, on Monday we head for Minnesota's North Shore for2 nights and more photography.  Wednesday it's across northern Minnesota to Fargo, ND for a night, then south thru ND & SD and back to MN for a visit to Pipestone National Monument.  We'll spend Thursday night in Cherokee, IA, and get home on Friday, 7/19.

We'll post pictures each night as we go, depending on wi-fi availability.

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