Sunday, July 14, 2019

Day 6 - Laundry Day (plus)

It's time - we brought enough clothes for 6 days, including what we had on when we left.  Lake Linden has a nice little laundromat in the ground floor of an old wooden building, so that's where we headed.  But first, breakfast at Lindell's.  After breakfast we headed out to Bootjack again to see exactly where some important (to Bill) places were. The old store is long gone & you can't tell it was ever there. The cottage location -  well, not much left.

The remains of the breakwater 

The area you see was a hidden lot, perfect for play. To the left is the location of the cottage - Bill couldn't crawl thru the brush to look for foundation remnants.

On the way out, we'd passed a lady walking with two walking sticks in her left hand, while her right one held a phone to her ear.  Half an hour later we saw her again - same configuration.  Back at Lake Linden we got gas at the lowest price we'd seen ($2.79), bought ice and a Yooper candy bar, and ate lunch at Beakers.  Then it was back to the motel to fold clothes and watch the Royals debacle on the Tigers' feed.  The Trailside Lodge was a very satisfactory place, which caters to people running ATV trails - it even rents ATVs.

We went back to Calumet to look for the old depot where Bill & his mother arrived & departed via the Copper Country Limited.  In the early years it was a steam train, clearly visible across Portage Lake when it passed by morning & evening.  

The Calumet Depot, end of the line and its line ended. RIP

We tried a "southwestern cuisine" restaurant for supper.  Food was OK, nothing special, but they were proud of it.  Back to the motel & start loading for an early departure tomorrow.

62.1 miles for the day, 1201 for the trip.  Tomorrow we head east on MI-26, MI-28, US-2 & MN-61 to Gooseberry Falls, MN

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