Friday, July 19, 2019

Day 10 - Fargo to Warrensburg

That is NOT what was planned.  We left Fargo at 7:30, heading south on I-29 (speed limit 75). A bit less than an hour later, we crossed the South Dakota line (speed limit 80). After 3:15 hours and 204 miles, we turned off on 2-lane SD-34(speed limit 65)  headed for Pipestone.

After a great lunch at Lange's Cafe in Pipestone, Sandra had a sudden attack of heat and wanted to head home immediately.  So we pulled out without visiting the park, cancelled our reservation at Cherokee, and headed out on US-59 (speed limit 55, like even the best 2-lanes in Iowa). 

We passed through Cherokee about 3 PM, figuring we had about over 312 miles to go.  Turns out that a bit of a calculation mistake on the spreadsheet dropped about 80 miles.  We finally got in at 10:30, after 721 miles and 15 hours.  Bill's glad he can still do that kind of driving when needed, but doesn't want to practice it.

We saw lots of possible tidbits, such as Ida Grove, the town that has a castle theme in its architecture, but didn't have time to write much down. 

Route for the day was I-29, SD-34, MN-30, US-75, IA-3, US-59, IA-2, ES-71, I-29, US-36 and MO-13.  Whew.  Total miles on the trip was 2741.6

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